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Things to Do in Almaty

     Almaty - sunny, cozy, lush city with wide streets, beautiful buildings, numerous parks, squares and fountains. A beautiful city at the foot of the emerald ridges of the Tien Shan by chance called "garden city".

     In the spring, when the southern outskirts of drowning in apple blossom, apricot and cherry orchards, the city is like a fairy tale. Deluxe green dress and a magnificent panorama of the mountains make the city of Almaty city unlike any other. Gardens, groves, parks, boulevards, flower gardens cover more than eight thousand acres of the urban area.

      In Almaty, a large number of attractions that attract visitors to the city and delight with the beauty of local residents.


  The rolling hills bordering the city on the south. Koktobe reaches a height of 1070 m is located on the top observation deck. Koktobe - this is the best place to view the city at night.

 Monument «The Beatles»

 This is the first and only monument to the legendary Liverpool quartet as a whole.


 Aerial tramway connects the area with the Abay Kok-Tobe. The starting point is a station that is located just outside the cinema, "Arman".

Park of 28 Panfilov Heroes

     Located across the street from the hotel "Otrar." Memorial Park is known to fame, Alley Memorial and Eternal Flame.

    In the alley of memory installed 28 granite monuments with the names of 28 Panfilov Heroes, who died in the battle for Moscow during World War II.

Zenkov Cathedral in Panfilov park of 28 characters

    Holy Ascension Orthodox Cathedral, designed by architect A. Zenkov, was built without a single nail in 1840

     The Cathedral is one of nine unique monuments of wooden buildings in the world. Its wall paintings and interior decoration amaze visitors with its beauty and splendor. It is noteworthy that the Cathedral has stood in the strongest earthquake of 10 on the Richter scale in 1911.

Islamic Cultural Center

Central Mosque of Almaty city - one of the largest mosques in Kazakhstan. Magnificent building designed for 7000 visitors. The mosque has been operational since 1999.

Independence Monument

   A truly unique building, decorating, Republic Square, the author has given mankind a creative team led by Shota Valikhanov. The majestic, soaring in the blinding sky of the southern capital "gold" winged man controls tame leopard, and around the front of the viewer is presented the history of the ancient Kazakh land ...

Central State Museum

    Large collections attracted the Central State Museum of RK and Museum of Fine Arts Kasteyev. Unique Museum of Kazakh National Instruments is a great collection. The museum of gold and precious metals, jewelry presents the history of Kazakhstan. The city has many art galleries.

Sports complex "Meteo"

   The world-famous alpine skating rink Medeo was built in 1972 in a picturesque valley, situated at a distance of 15 km. from the city.

The mild climate, the optimal level of solar radiation, low pressure, favorable weather conditions and ice made of crystal clear water make Medeo one of the best skating rinks in the world.


High-mountain ski resort is situated at an altitude of 2200-2500 m in the valley Chimbulak. The length of the downhill, originating in the Talgar Pass is 3,500 meters. The length of the slalom descent 1500 m

 The resort opened to tourists in 1954

 "Chimbulak" - is an ideal place for the whole family. Alpine ski resort "Chimbulak" is located 7 km away from the rink Medeo.

At your service: cableway, transportation services, hotel, ski school, ski rental and repair of equipment, sporting goods store, restaurants, bars, summer playgrounds, playground, horseback ledyankah, balloons, entertainment programs and competitions for children.

       First President of the Park




Park with the largest fountain in the city is designed to rest in peace and in nature, not only for residents of Almaty and visitors alike. And in this park celebrated various events. Under such a warm atmosphere you can cheer yourself up, the sea and the positive start to the sky sky lanterns.


 Children circus - magic, but for adults the atmosphere of the circus, with its festive music, light, lights, colorful costumes, with a peculiar, purely circus smell - is meeting with his own childhood. Each visitor to this amazing world under the name Circus is your favorite room, where he is looking forward to. Breathtaking when riders soar into the air and then dive under the wildly rushing a horse ...



The State Museum of Folk Musical Instruments

 The State Museum of Folk Musical Instruments was established in 1980. It is one of the cultural attractions of "Southern Capital" in Almaty. Kazakh folk instruments exhibited in the Museum were collected from all regions of Kazakhstan, as well as from the CIS countries and other parts of the world.

  A unique collection of instruments, which played a poet, bard and composers, including dombra Abaya Zhambyl Makhambet, Amre, Dina, and other eminent musicians.

 The museum is located in a traditional Russian wooden house, dating from 1907.

Address: Str. Zenkov, 24

Alma Shopping Centre

 In Almaty, opened its first underground shopping mall "Almaly" located at the intersection of Satpayev and Furmanov.

 Shopping center is equipped with six evacuation exits, fire shelter facilities, as well as the necessary equipment in case of emergencies.

 The total area of ​​two-storey shopping center is 25,000 square meters. Parking Area - 10,000 square meters. On the opposite side of the square "Almaly" joins an underground passage that can accommodate a 20 souvenir shops and accessories.

Kazakh State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre named after Abai



Kazakh State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre named after Abay was opened January 13, 1934 goda.Predmetom main activities of the Kazakh State Academic Opera and Ballet named after Abay are: organizing and conducting scenically spectacular events aimed at the practical implementation of cultural policy in the field of opera and ballet , an organization of theater based on the highly artistic works that promote the culture of peoples of Kazakhstan; promotion of national and world cultural heritage in accordance with the state program to educate harmoniously developed personality involve young people to the masterpieces of world classics of opera and ballet, raising it high artistic taste.

Address: Almaty, ul. Kabanbay knight, 110 yr. street. Panfilov.


 Atakent is one of the major venues for exhibitions in Almaty.

 Atakent was built during the Soviet era and was called ENEA (Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy).

Currently Atakent consists of a set of exhibition buildings, as well as cases involved a business center. In addition, the exhibition runs dining hall "Bakshasarai," and several cafes.

 Address of Almaty, ul. Timiryazev, 42 yr. street. Auezov


  Very nice facility, excellent location, great view, especially in the winter! The construction can be seen from afar. Another sporting attraction in Almaty.


Golf club Zhailau

Golf Resort "Zhailau" opened June 9, 2006. From that moment began the activity of one of the best clubs in Eurasia, and we want to assure you that we follow our motto, and are on our way to the "peak of perfection in golf."

To date, the golf resort "Zhailau" - is a field champion and eighteen hole course with magnificent views of the mountains, driving range and three putting green, full pro shop, golf academy, a sports bar, restaurant Dali original cuisine and lounge- Dostyk bar, luxurious conference rooms equipped with modern technology, very soon we will open a hotel, SPA-center and fitness. And the most proud of - our club members, we are proud that you chose us and try to do everything possible to stay in "Zhailau" was always in your mind a pleasant memory.

Almaty Metro

  December 1, 2011 Almaty subway opened its doors to guests of Almaty and the Southern Capital. Almaty subway transports passengers daily from 06:00 to 00:00. One train can accommodate 173 people (based on 5 persons per 1 square meter). The speed of train-40 kilometers per hour. In the years 2015-2017 will be completed the second stage of Almaty subway in the direction Kalkaman. The fare on the subway 80 n.

Station "Alatau" (final)

Located at the intersection Gagarina, Abay and ul.Zharokova.

The station is shallow, vaulted landing with two side platforms, width of 5.4 m, length-104 m, between which the rail tracks. The platform section of width 17.7 m, height of the platform level - 11.6 meters Locations: House Publishers, a group of design and research institutes, TD Jeanne Voentorg, cafes and shops.


The station "Theatre Auezov"

     Located at the intersection of Prospect and the Abay River Esentai. The station is deep foundation - 30 m, with a column-type mezhputem 18.1 m, consists of three halls - the central and two lateral, which form a common platform for the island width 15.2 m and a length of 104 m descent - ascent to the station, the escalators (4 tapes ) lifting height of 27 m, a length of 54.0 meters Locations: Kazakh Drama Theatre im.Auezova, Almaty Circus, Wedding Palace.


 The station "Baikonur"

Located at the intersection of Prospect and the Abay River Esentai.

The station is 20 meters deep-column type with mezhduputem 18.1m. It consists of three halls - the central and two lateral, which form a common platform for the island width 15.2 m and a length of 104 m descent-ascent to the station, the escalators (4 tapes) lifting height 20m and a length of 40 meters Locations: Palace of Sports named B. Sholak, Central Stadium, TD "Promenade", KazNTU im.Satpaeva, Almaty University, Energy and Communications, Tourism and Sports Academy.


The station "Abai"

It is located on the avenue between the streets Abai Tulebaeva.Stantsiya Furmanov and deep foundation - 50 m column type with a 1.18 m mezhduputem consists of three halls-central and two lateral, which form a common platform for the island width 2.15 m, and the escalators (4 tapes) lifting height of 46 m, a length of 92 m. Locations: Palace of the Republic, Hotel "Kazakhstan" Cinema "Armand," The cable car to the Koktobe, French House, Republic Square, Drama im.Lermontova, National Library of Universities KIMEP, UIB, agricultural, urban city administration.

The station "Almaly"

Located at the intersection of Panfilov, Karasai batyr (byv.Vinogradova) and Furmanov.

The station is a pilot-type deep-level (depth of the 30 meters) with mezhduputem 25 meters. It consists of three halls-central and two lateral, which form a common platform for the island width 8.19 m and a length of 104 m

Locations: Opera and Ballet Theatre named after Abay, Hotel "Alma-Ata," Control "Kazakhstan Temir Joly," The area of ​​Astana, the Academy im.Zhurgeneva, Main Post Office.


Station "Silk Way"


Located at the intersection of Gogol street and Panfilov.

The station is deep-laid (depth 30 m) of the pilot-type mezhduputem 25 m consists of three halls-central and two lateral, which form a common platform for the island width 8.19 m and a length of 104 m descent-ascent to the station, the escalators (four tapes ) lifting height of 5.28 m length of 57 m

Locations: TD "Zangar" hotel "Otrar," "Jubilee," "Passage", a movie theater "Caesar", Almaty Arbat, Ascension Church, 28 Park Panfilov Guardsmen.

Station "Raiymbek BATYR" (final)

Located at the intersection of pr.Rayymbeka (byvsh.Tashkentskaya) and Furmanov. Outputs to the bus station "Sayakhat" and / Railway station "Almaty-2". Vaulted shallow station with a platform-type width of the island of 10 m, length 104 m.Blizhayshie objects: Sayakhat, TD Merey, Almaty 2, Green Market, supermarkets, offices and homes.