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The spectrum of our services
1.    We work in the field of tourism in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan.
2.    International tourism, China, Malta, the Hai Nan, Egypt, on Bali, Turkey.
3.    Meeting at the airport through the VIP lounge services;
4.    Visa, visa support for foreigners
5.    Rafting on the rivers on rafts, or, Chilik, Charyn, Kok-su;
6.    Services of guides, tour guides and interpreters;
7.    Adventure Tours;
8.    Trekking in the mountains of central and northern Tien Shan, Terskey Alatau, Altai
9.    Hunting, fishing (land "Tasmuryn" "Damdarty");
10.    Bath Tourism (installation of mobile baths, in any convenient place in nature;
11.    Special tours;
12.    Travel along the Silk Road;
13.    Corporate Team Building;
14.    Paintball, sports shooting, field shooting;
15.    Hot air ballooning, paragliding;
16.    Flights and tours in helicopters and airplanes;
17.    Kiting (great for kite skiing in the winter - skiing, snowboarding, summer - on roller skates, or wheelbarrows;
18.    Riding Sailing and water cycles;
19.    Picnic;
20.    Walk on horseback;
21.    An exponential representation of hunting with eagles;
22.    Sale and manufacture of all-season heated tents on standard and custom;
23.    Transportation Services;
24.    Tours;
25.    Video, photo services.

 We believe that each of you will find here your interest. At your request we will include in your selected tour, tour the additional services that you order. For you we offer the best guides, interpreters experienced, qualified instructors, staff, comfortable vehicles and professional drivers.

Pre-order needs to be done so that we can produce high-quality preparation of your holiday.

If, in your opinion, any service related to our risk, we recommend that you purchase an insurance policy.

At your request we will prepare and organize any picnic, a holiday trip and holiday!